Self-Drafted Skinny Jean Shorts

This blog post is going to be another technical post, but isn't that my shtick?! Over the past few months, I've been getting into the nitty-gritty of fitting pants. I tried to work through patterns and make numerous test pairs to get the fit right. I was methodical and very precise about documenting my alterations.... Continue Reading →

Quick Sloper using Duct Tape

Raise your hand if you: struggle with altering patterns, don't know how to get pants to fit right, have no idea what your crotch curve should look like, and so on! I have been sewing for less than five years, and pants are still a bit elusive to me. I can sew pants blindfolded with... Continue Reading →

Swayback Alteration for T-shirt

It wasn't until I started taking photos of myself that I realized how much I was ignoring fit. Even if you aren't a blogger, I think it is super helpful to take a lot of photos of your outfits so you can study and analyze fit. The first thing I noticed about my poor fit... Continue Reading →

How to Sew with Merino Wool Jersey

Whenever I travel for work or personal, I really want to check out the local fabric shops. On a trip to Washington, D.C. for a conference, I took some time to visit Stitch Sew Shop in Alexandria. It was worth the metro trip for sure. I've never been to a shop that specializes in garment... Continue Reading →

How to Sew Bed Sheets

We recently upgraded our queen size mattress to a king size mattress by way of getting two twin XL mattresses and shoving them together to make a king size mattress. I needed to make new bedding!!

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