Dried Peaches

One of my goals this year was to dehydrate a box of peaches. Given the size of our food dehydrator, we were able to dehydrate several boxes of peaches. I store my dried fruit in 1/2 gallon mason jars and use the FoodSaver wide-mouth jar sealer to remove all the air from the jars. It's... Continue Reading →

Concord Grape Jam

It was one of those last minute things that ended up being both awesome and horrible. I was at work when I saw Petersen Family Farm's post that they had 25 pound boxes of concord grapes now available in their farm shop. I was distraught, because I was at work late that day and had... Continue Reading →

Tomatoes, Canning Whole

For the past several years, I have been canning whole tomatoes for when winter rolls around and I'm craving tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches or stew. Canning tomatoes is easy, super easy and the tomatoes taste way better than anything you get from the store. We get our Roma tomatoes from Chavez Farms and... Continue Reading →

Melon Wrapped in Prosciutto

It is peak melon season now in Utah. Luckily, we've been able to grab fresh melons at our local grocery store where the melons are sourced from Hurricane, UT. But there's also a melon stand at the Downtown Farmer's Market that we buy from as well. I've been eating a melon a day it seems... Continue Reading →

Tomato Sauce for Canning

I'm always looking for new recipes to enjoy during the dark days of winter. I think a good meal would be spaghetti with marinara sauce. I could never bring myself to purchase store-bought tomato sauce, but making my own canned tomato sauce seems more exciting. I thought I would make marinara sauce, but that's rather... Continue Reading →

Sweet Corn, Canning

For the first time, we are canning our own corn using fresh Utah corn on the cob. This year we decided to use Petersen Family Farms corn, a local farm in Riverton. It probably isn't the cheapest corn, but we were able to purchase 7 cobs for $2.50. You can get a lot of canned... Continue Reading →

Dried Apricots

I have a 10-tray food dehydrator so I was able to really load it up with fruit, 25 pounds to be exact. After grabbing a bushel of apricots from a family in Riverdale for $25 / bushel, I made jam and dried some apricots. Here's the lovely recipe for homemade dried apricots.

Shelled Peas, Canning

Not sure why I've missed fresh peas from Petersen Family Farms in past years, but I'm so happy to know about them this year. We were able to grab 10 pounds of shelled peas for $3 / pound. This was an awesome deal! From those 10 pounds, we canned 17 - 18 pint jars. The... Continue Reading →

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