Pasta Alfredo

Have you seen the movie, The Holiday? Not sure where the "Christmas Fettuccine" joke comes from but I thought since Christmas is just around the corner, I'd share my super simple pasta alfredo recipe. This recipe is fantastic especially if you add some fresh arugula or spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon!

Homemade Pasta

UPDATE (July 24, 2014): It's that time of year again when the garden is producing more basil and tomatoes than one can possibly eat! This week we received a bag of fresh basil in our CSA and I wanted to try an experiment. If I added basil to my Cuisinart when I was mixing my pasta dough together,... Continue Reading →

Creamy Pasta with Arugula and Mushrooms

Life’s pretty good when one of your biggest problems is that your kitchen is overrun with fresh fruit and vegetables. It seems to happen to me each year during the summer. I’m completely overwhelmed with having to eat, preserve, store, etc. everything in my kitchen. Letting food rot to be thrown in the trash can... Continue Reading →

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