Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

I was reluctant to make strawberry rhubarb jam. However, after my attempt at making just rhubarb jam, I knew I needed to explore adding something else to rhubarb. Rhubarb jam alone doesn’t pack much flavor. It doesn’t make for a good jam in the morning on toast. It is sharp and citrusy, but that’s about it. By adding the bare minimum of strawberries, I was able to round out the flavor of rhubarb without losing the wonderful essence of rhubarb that I love. This recipe is so delicious. If you have a hard time finding 10 pounds of rhubarb, look at my notes below.

More Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Strawberry Jam

April is the time of year that we get strawberries in the grocery store for $1.25 – $1.50 a pound. I wish I had access to local Utah strawberries, but people just don’t grow them here. I won’t complain, because Utah is more known for our raspberries!! And we have tasty raspberries. Here’s my recipe … More Strawberry Jam

Concord Grape Jam

It was one of those last minute things that ended up being both awesome and horrible. I was at work when I saw Petersen Family Farm’s post that they had 25 pound boxes of concord grapes now available in their farm shop. I was distraught, because I was at work late that day and had … More Concord Grape Jam

Plum Jam

I bought a bag of plums this week from Allred Orchards. I wanted to try a small batch recipe of plum jam just to see how it would turn out and taste. It was hard not to just eat all the plums, but I managed to make jam before they were all gone. I’ve been … More Plum Jam

Peach Jam

It is peach season in Utah and I’m still experimenting with making the best peach jam ever! I’ve recently started using weight to determine the amount of sugar to add to jam recipes instead of cup measurements. For fruits like apricots, peaches, and sweet cherries, I’ve been measuring the weight of the processed fruit in … More Peach Jam

Apricot Jam

I have used KSL classified ads to find local fruit and veggies. Right now apricots are out in full force! I found a family in Riverdale selling apricots for $25 / bushel (about 40 pounds). I was able to make this recipe twice and then dried the rest. This recipe turned out really great.

Raspberry Jam

This isn’t so much an “official” recipe but a way to remember what I did when I made raspberry jam. I’m still learning how to make low sugar, no pectin jams. This summer I tried to pick raspberries at one of the many U-Pick farms, but we had such a bizarre growing season this year … More Raspberry Jam