Forward Shoulder Alteration for Willamette Shirt

I only had to make one adjustment to the Willamette shirt from Hey June Handmade, and that was a forward shoulder alteration, an extremely common alteration. I thought it would be helpful to provide a tutorial on how to do that since the Willamette shirt does not have a standard set-in sleeve. SHOULDER WIDTH I… Continue reading Forward Shoulder Alteration for Willamette Shirt

Self-Drafted Trousers Using Thread Theory Jutland Pants

My jaw dropped to the floor when I started comparing the self-drafted trousers pattern for Ryan to actual sewing patterns that I had in my collection. The style and fit of my self-drafted trousers were closest to Thread Theory's Jutland Pants, with a few modifications to leg fit, pockets, etc. Over a year ago, I… Continue reading Self-Drafted Trousers Using Thread Theory Jutland Pants

Self-Drafted Trousers Using Alina Design’s Chi-Town Chinos

The first pair of trousers I made from my duct-tape sloper was a pair of stretch skinny jean shorts. I had previously made skinny jeans so I was able to compare my self-drafted version with an altered pattern. This time around, I am trying a new pattern, Alina Sewing + Design Co. Chi-Town chinos Expansion… Continue reading Self-Drafted Trousers Using Alina Design’s Chi-Town Chinos

Self-Drafted Skinny Jean Shorts

This blog post is going to be another technical post, but isn't that my shtick?! Over the past few months, I've been getting into the nitty-gritty of fitting pants. I tried to work through patterns and make numerous test pairs to get the fit right. I was methodical and very precise about documenting my alterations.… Continue reading Self-Drafted Skinny Jean Shorts