Camisole: Part 2 Construction

Welcome back! I've been talking about camisoles. My first post was about how I drafted my own camisole once I tried a recently released pattern that just didn't work for me. This post is all about constructing the camisole. I didn't love the instructions on the pattern I purchased, so here are my improved methods.... Continue Reading →

Camisole: Part 1 Drafting

I wanted to provide a full tutorial about drafting your own camisole and how to sew it, particularly how to get really great looking bias bindings and straps. I recently purchased the newly released MADEIT Patterns Go Shorties and Camisole but didn't love the pattern or the methods, but that's not why I buy patterns.... Continue Reading →

How to Measure for Pants

As fall and winter approaches, I need to sew pants with wider legs. I've done a lot of hiking this year, and it shows. I got thinking about how to widen pant legs and what happens to the grain line. How do I add width to pant legs and maintain the placement of the grain... Continue Reading →

Perfect T-shirt Pocket

I know it's been a bit since I've posted anything. I got buried with prepping and teaching a new university course. The semester is not quite over, but I'm getting close to freedom. At the end of September, I posted a picture of a t-shirt pocket on Instagram that got a lot of attention. One... Continue Reading →

Duct Tape Torso Sloper

Ready to start talking about torso forms? I think I've made a good start on my pant form that I thought it was time to tackle the torso form. Who's ready? DUCT TAPE TORSO FORM Here are the supplies you'll need: 2 rolls of duct tape saran / cling wrap scissors permanent marker The method... Continue Reading →

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