Big news this week, it SNOWED here in Utah and not just up in the mountains but in the city too! We went from lovely spring weather, sunny, 75ºF to cold, snowy, freezing temperatures. Any fun wardrobe shenanigans had to be put on hold and I had to resort to wearing my limited cold weather clothes. I know I need more sweaters and long-sleeved stuff, but it wasn’t until February / March that I finally found some patterns I liked. I will put off sewing winter stuff until after summer though.

This week was a good reminder of how sewing in a strange way is a really great stress reliever. I had a couple of bumps this week: FedEx temporarily lost a package of fabric for an Etsy order, my serger jammed with thread and I was told it would take 4 weeks to fix, I bought a 2nd serger, etc. I’m also dealing with some really frustrating stuff with our apartment complex and family health issues, so my patience has been really thin this week.

This week has been about getting into the routine of taking photos each day and then not spending the rest of the day fussing over my photos and captions. Why I choose to participate is to push myself out of the lovely introvert hole I like to live in and is a great way to review and evaluate my very small wardrobe. Mission accomplished.

Last year, I just took Ryan’s old work pants that were showing wear and had holes around places and shortened them into shorts for the summer. That worked brilliantly and was a great way to upcycle his clothes, but this last year Ryan’s pant size has changed and I don’t have any old work pants […]

April is the time of year that we get strawberries in the grocery store for $1.25 – $1.50 a pound. I wish I had access to local Utah strawberries, but people just don’t grow them here. I won’t complain, because Utah is more known for our raspberries!! And we have tasty raspberries. Here’s my recipe […]

When I saw Inês from La Folie in her Waterfall raglan shirt, I was immediately hooked! I’ve been keeping my eye out for a relaxed knit shirt that would work over leggings or stretchy pants and be totally age appropriate. The Waterfall raglan is utter perfection. Details Pattern: Waterfall Raglan by Chalk & Notch Fabric: Pop […]

This post is not so much about the fantastically awesome, best-pant-pattern ever, but instead about the plights of finding fabric that will work for making pants. Here’s the dilemma, I need casual pants for work and everyday wear and I want them to come in colors other than black, but I don’t want the fabric […]

I’m in LOOOOOVE with this pattern!! I have been searching high and low for a modern cut structured jacket that I can wear over t-shirts and button-down shirts. Mission accomplished. Here’s the details: Pattern: New Look 6481 Jacket Fabric: Theory Black Stretch Cotton Twill from Mood Size: 18 Modifications: add 1¼” length to the arms and jacket […]

About at my wit’s end with Colette Seamwork patterns that just don’t fit anyone! I love the looks, but when it comes to the practical of fitting, Colette patterns are worse than the Big 3 companies by far. Sorry to say it, but it needed to be said. Here’s the details: Pattern: Astoria by Colette Seamwork […]

The dilemma of dressing for a scientific conference? There’s no dress code, requirements are ambiguous, and options infinite. Let’s also not forget about dressing for your age too. Luckily I’m no longer in my 20s! Because of the insurmountable challenge, women tend to just wear drab black in order to not be noticed. But let’s face it, we are […]

My hunt for chic sweater pattern is unrelenting. The internet has exploded over Sew House Seven’s new pattern, Toaster Sweater #1 (they also have a #2 version). I love anything with a turtleneck and I’m so glad they are coming back into fashion!!! Yay!!! Here’s the details: Pattern: Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #1 Fabric: Nosh […]

Have you seen the movie, The Holiday? Not sure where the “Christmas Fettuccine” joke comes from but I thought since Christmas is just around the corner, I’d share my super simple pasta alfredo recipe. This recipe is fantastic especially if you add some fresh arugula or spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon!