Brassie Joggers from Green Style

Winter is lasting extra long this year. I was going to put off this project until autumn, but then I remembered I may want some warm baselayer joggers for fishing and camping this summer in the Uintas. So, a few months ago, I tested the Brassie Joggers with Browzwear. The fit was really close to... Continue Reading →

Hiking Daypack Version 1

My big project right now is sewing daypacks for myself and, eventually, others. This was my first version using cheaper fabrics and notions. My eventual final pack will have all the bells and whistles. Pattern I used this pattern for the main pack, which is identical to the Zipworks 30L pack. The straps are from... Continue Reading →

2023 February Recap

Starting February 8th, I started tracking how much time I spent sewing, knitting, or doing prep. I've included some time data this month, but it isn't complete because I missed the first 8 days of February. I only completed sewing projects this month. I'm still working on a cardigan for Ryan, but it isn't complete... Continue Reading →

Shop Pant from Open Studio Patterns

After trying pant patterns from several new companies (e.g., Open Studio Patterns, The Modern Sewing Co.), I've learned how important it is to be a better consumer. Yes, I am comfortable sewing pants and often ignore the nitty gritty details in the instructions because I have my preferred methods. However, suppose I speak only positively... Continue Reading →

2023 January Recap

I love data and graphing, so I thought doing some breakdowns each month would be fun. I will summarize the number of projects I do and the total amount spent on crafting each month and then do a yearly summary at the end. This year began with some big projects in the works that are... Continue Reading →

MYOG: Waterproof Breathable Jacket

Making waterproof jackets has been a 2+ year project, and I'm so happy to have it done. I learned a lot and am excited to tackle more outdoor gear. Download Pattern I’ve made our patterns available for download. DOWNLOAD FROM GUMROAD Click the colorful button above, and a new tab should open with the Gumroad... Continue Reading →

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