Cloud Sweatpants from Make by TFS

Of course, I will break down the fit and alterations of a basic sweatpants pattern. This is what I do! I had some extra fabric and needed summer shorts, so I took the Cloud Sweatpants pattern and made them into shorts. I selected this pattern both because of the size range available but also because... Continue Reading →

Musselburgh by Ysolda

Hat worn without cuff I found the perfect hat pattern! The Musselburgh hat from Ysolda pattern is awesome. All you have to do is pick your hat size, choose whatever yarn and needle you want to use, and start knitting. There's a point where you check your knitting gauge, and then you follow the instructions... Continue Reading →

Green Pepper’s Adult Polar Vest 109

After sewing winter hiking pants, I had just enough Schoeller Schussmeister fabric leftover to make matching vests. I decided to try Green Pepper's adult polar vest pattern (109). Fabric The fabric I used for the vest was Schoeller Schussmeister stretch woven fabric from Rockywoods (70% nylon, 25% wool, 5% elastane). The outside is smooth with... Continue Reading →

Linen Cass Pants by Make by TFS

It's been over a year since I've made standard work pants with a non-elastic waistband. Since I only have elastic waistband pants in my closet or overalls with no waistband, I thought I should try my hand at a more traditional pair of pants. Pattern I initially tried out Trend Schnitt No60 pants but found... Continue Reading →

Men’s Joggers Comparison Guide: Part 2, Drape

HandmadePhD, Grasser No191, True Bias Men's Hudson, Green Style Iron, Sinclair Lakeside, Jalie Henri In part 1 of this blog series, I introduced several men's jogger patterns: Grasser No191 (click here for Pinterest Board)True Bias Men's Hudson (click here for Pinterest Board)Green Style Iron (click here for Pinterest Board)Sinclair Lakeside (click here for Pinterest Board)Jalie... Continue Reading →

Helen’s Closet Jackson Pullover

I was looking for a basic dropped-sleeve sweatshirt pattern that I could use for Ryan and myself, and I found Helen's Closet Jackson Tee and Pullover pattern. The pattern is intended to be gender-inclusive, so I wanted to put it to the test. Sizing and Versions Size Chart in Inches If I were going to... Continue Reading →

Crease Line Placement at the Knee

Center grainline evenly bisects at knee level. I'm researching how different pants are styled, and I realized I never officially explored how the center grainline placement at the knee level impacts fit and style. It has been almost a year since I talked about the center grainline or crease line placement at the hip level,... Continue Reading →

Caramel Sweater by Petite Knit

I finished this marshmallowy soft sweater just in time for my birthday! The pattern is the Caramel Sweater from Petite Knit, and it is so lovely. I made a few adjustments to the original pattern, so the front and back were balanced. Otherwise, this pattern is well-written. Project Information Here's the size information about the... Continue Reading →

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