Pinning Pants to the Waistband

When pinning pants to the waistband, it's crucial to balance the leg properly, regardless of whether you're using my method or some other method for adjusting the fit of pants. Before starting this tutorial, ensure that you have selected the appropriate size based on your hip circumference, taking into account any prominent body parts. Moreover,... Continue Reading →

2023 May Recap

I am sharing my progress for May early since I will be occupied with packing for an upcoming vacation and won't have time to work on sewing or knitting projects. I am thrilled with the results of this month's recap because I have fully automated the process. I taught myself how to draw SVG images... Continue Reading →

Browzwear: Tula Pants from Papercut Patterns

I recently made the Tula shorts and was pleasantly surprised by how well they fit and how well the pattern was designed. However, I am working with another sewer in the curve size range and realized the drafting is dramatically different. The two size ranges share overlapping sizes (6, 7, and 8). This post compares the... Continue Reading →

Hiking Daypacks for the Whole Family

This was a massive project for me, but I was determined to complete it this year in time for the summer hiking season. The reason for making our daypacks was to get a better fit on our shoulders and reduce the pack's weight overall. I was able to accomplish both. The packs are 63-77% lighter... Continue Reading →

Zoey Tank from True Bias

My go-to summer shirt is the Union St Tee from Hey June Handmade. That's all I wear. However, I want to expand my options if I can. I love the look of the Zoey Tank from True Bias, and I was curious about the neckline finish. It looks super neat and clean. I have less... Continue Reading →

Dani Shorts from True Bias

I made yet another pair of elastic waistband shorts for summer. My first pair was a simple style (Tula from Papercut). My second pair was the Pomona from Anna Allen, featuring no side seam. My third pair is the Dani from True Bias. This pair is unique because I made View A, which includes a... Continue Reading →

2023 April Recap

April flew by! I've included some new figures this month to help put my progress into persepective. Summary In the top right, my first new figure shows the total number of projects completed each month this year. I'm averaging about 8 projects per month, which is how many projects I completed this month. I finished... Continue Reading →

Pomona Shorts from Anna Allen

How many styles of shorts can I achieve even though they will all have elastic waistbands? When I was selecting patterns, I wanted a variety of styles from different designers. I also wanted to choose designers that, in the past, weren't always the best fit for my body. Why? Because I love challenging myself, and... Continue Reading →

Tula Shorts from Papercut Patterns

Summer is approaching fast, and I've put off making shorts for several years. I can't avoid the task any longer. The biggest hurdle I had adjusting shorts was determining how to find the center grainline and then how to make adjustments. To test my approach, I started with a simple pattern, the Tula shorts from... Continue Reading →

New Feature: Reference Guide

I've included a new feature to my website. I wanted to provide a document that contained key definitions of the terms I use in my writing. I also wanted to make this document a living document that can be changed and updated based on my knowledge and feedback from the community. Please feel free to... Continue Reading →

Iron Joggers from Green Style

I reviewed men's joggers a while ago, and one of the patterns I evaluated was the Iron joggers from Green Style. Based on my review, I knew I would have to center the grainline at the knee, raise the waistline, and move the center grainline towards the side seam for both the front and back... Continue Reading →

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