Brisket Braised with Caramelized Onions and Chile

I view meat a lot like I view wine. Say what? It all has to do with the French concept of, “Terroir”. The Terroir consists of characteristics, sometimes tangible, sometimes not, of the geography, geology, and climate of a place. Terroir is what makes some wines taste fantastic and other wines taste like Thunderbird! Anything … More Brisket Braised with Caramelized Onions and Chile

Spinach Quiche

I can’t think of Quiche and not think of the “quickie” joke. Some things in life never stop being funny. When I was much younger, my best friend and I would watch certain parts of movies over and over until we nearly peed our pants laughing. Like that scene in the Little Mermaid when Sebastian runs up … More Spinach Quiche

Beef Stew

An easy recipe, beef stew, is actually very difficult to make well. Have you ever had beef stew that was dry and tough? The potatoes were translucent and watery? The vegetables had disintegrated? The broth was flavorless and soupy? I know that all the beef stews I’ve ever cooked ended up being rather unappetizing. My … More Beef Stew