2023 February Recap

Starting February 8th, I started tracking how much time I spent sewing, knitting, or doing prep. I’ve included some time data this month, but it isn’t complete because I missed the first 8 days of February.

I only completed sewing projects this month. I’m still working on a cardigan for Ryan, but it isn’t complete yet. I originally made my prototype backpack for myself, but it works better for Ryan, and I’m already working on a second prototype for myself. Most of the items I made this month were for us both.

The big project this month was replacing our 3-year-old linen bedding. Our old bedding finally gave up the ghost and tore so badly that I needed to make more.

This month was extra expensive because of our linen bedding. The linen fabric cost $484.77. Leave that out, and I spent $161.98.

Because I haven’t completed any knitting projects, I don’t know precisely how much yarn I’ve used this month. Therefore, I won’t report skeins until something is complete.

Again, I’m missing time data from February 1-7. I spent 40 hours and 25 minutes sewing, knitting, or prepping this month. There are 28 days in February and 24 hours per day, and that’s a total of 672 hours. I get an average of 8 hours of sleep each night, so take away 224 hours, leaving me with 448 hours that I’m awake. So I only spend about 9% of my time crafting.

I’m still working on my period panty set of 4 and Ryan’s champagne cardigan. Everything else I’ve completed this month (Shop Pants, 4 Bed Sheets, Backpack Prototype, and Mirri Jumpsuit).

  • Unfortunately, I did a lot of testing on the Shop Pant, but that was done before February 8th. It took me about an hour to cut the fabric and just shy of 4 hours to sew it together.
  • The bed sheets were quick. Just 30 minutes to cut the 16.4-yard bolt into four flat sheets and 1 hour 40 minutes to hem the top and bottom edges.
  • For the first backpack, I spent some time testing (i.e., putting together a muslin and testing the fit). It took me about 40 minutes to cut out the backpack fabric and 5 hours and 45 minutes to sew it together.
  • Again, I did all my testing and muslin fitting on the Mirri Jumpsuit before February 8th. It took me 40 minutes to cut out my jumpsuit and 4 hours and 25 minutes to sew it together.
  • I’m still working on the Period Panty Set. I’ve cut the fabric out; that took 45 minutes. But I’ve only just started basting the elastic to all the edges. Luckily I don’t have to test the fit since I’m using the same Median Knicker pattern.
  • Ryan’s Champagne cardigan is coming along nicely. I’m on the bottom hem now; all I have left is the neckband and the sleeve cuffs.

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