2023 February Recap

Starting February 8th, I started tracking how much time I spent sewing, knitting, or doing prep. I've included some time data this month, but it isn't complete because I missed the first 8 days of February. I only completed sewing projects this month. I'm still working on a cardigan for Ryan, but it isn't complete... Continue Reading →

Shop Pant from Open Studio Patterns

After trying pant patterns from several new companies (e.g., Open Studio Patterns, The Modern Sewing Co.), I've learned how important it is to be a better consumer. Yes, I am comfortable sewing pants and often ignore the nitty gritty details in the instructions because I have my preferred methods. However, suppose I speak only positively... Continue Reading →

Linen Cass Pants by Make by TFS

It's been over a year since I've made standard work pants with a non-elastic waistband. Since I only have elastic waistband pants in my closet or overalls with no waistband, I thought I should try my hand at a more traditional pair of pants. Pattern I initially tried out Trend Schnitt No60 pants but found... Continue Reading →

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