Me Made May ’17 Week 3 Round Up

Big news this week, it SNOWED here in Utah and not just up in the mountains but in the city too! We went from lovely spring weather, sunny, 75ºF to cold, snowy, freezing temperatures. Any fun wardrobe shenanigans had to be put on hold and I had to resort to wearing my limited cold weather clothes. I know I need more sweaters and long-sleeved stuff, but it wasn’t until February / March that I finally found some patterns I liked. I will put off sewing winter stuff until after summer though.

Day 15

Today I wore Sew Caroline’s new Tammy’s Tulip short pattern. These are a muslin that I made to test out the pattern. I already have planned two blog posts about these shorts giving a full review of the pattern. Spoiler alert: awesome! I’m also wearing a long-sleeved version of the  “The Perfect T-shirt” from Pamela’s Patterns. Basic t-shirt pattern is serious the best thing to have in your pattern arsenal. The clashing outfit is due to the fact that it was laundry day any most of my clothes were in the wash. Plus, I want my #mmmay17 outfits to be a bit honest, I do tend to wear clashing clothes at home, because I don’t care what I look like.

Day 16

Uggghhhh PJs two days in a row! It’s OK,  I’ll class it up next week. I loved my new shorts so much that I made another pair but with Art Gallery knit fabric!! Oh my goodness these are the craziest, most comfy shorts ever. I may never take them off. I am going to make a thousand of these for the summer!!

Day 17

Did someone say summer? That’s right, I woke up to snow this morning! Today I dug deep in my closet to pull out some winter clothes. This past winter, I took one of my favorite sweaters that was extremely threadbare, cut it up, and made a pattern out of it.

What I like about the sweater is the dropped shoulder seam and the turtleneck neck line. I removed the split hem and just made it a straight hem. I love the sweater and I’m glad I was able to replicate something RTW in my closet. The sweater material I used was from Nosh Organics. So awesome! The snow I could have probably done without.

Day 18

More freezing temperatures and more snow! Yay! This past winter, Sew House Seven released a pattern that went viral, the Toaster Sweater. And for good reason, the sweater pattern is simple yet sophisticated! Buried under my winter coat is my version of the Toaster Sweater #1. I made it from a terry sweatshirt material from Nosh Organics. Again, another fantastic sweater. For winter, I only have these two sweaters and then two flannel shirts. I don’t know why, but I really struggle with sewing stuff for winter. I just haven’t found the right patterns and materials. I’m glad I finally have these two sweater patterns and I definitely plan on just making a ton of sweaters for next winter.

Day 19

Ahhh aren’t we adorable? Can you tell I’m running out of clothes to wear for #mmmay17? You’ve seen both of these shirts, but you haven’t seen the aprons!! Bahhahahahaa!!! Buy fun fabric, make an apron. There! You can find the pattern here.

Day 20

You knew it was coming, the bra post! Now I have a long long blog post about bras and making your own, so I’m just going to recommend you go read it if you want to know more about the Cloth Habit Watson bra (see here). I really pushed myself to make my own bra early on when I was learning how to sew, because why bother sewing clothes to get a perfect fit, if the bra you wear isn’t. Your lingerie can seriously alter how clothes fit!

Now this shows one of the problems I have right now, if I ever wear a sleeveless top, which is hardly ever, but when I do, my bra straps show. That’s not cool! So I’ve been on the edge of trying out Sophie Hines Euler Bra (see here) with racerback straps and this is what’s going to push me over the edge and just do it. I’ve purchased the pattern and a fabric kit, so now I just to wait for it to show up in the mail. I’m also wearing Hey June Pattern Santa Fe top. The fit on this is perfect, so I really need to make some bras that work with the top.

Day 21

Shorts? Check. Soft double gauze shirt? Check. Ready for school to be over in a week? You better believe it!!!!!!! Not a new outfit, but still a great classic. In the past few months I made Ryan three shorts, three button shirts, and three t-shirts to give him enough clothes to make it through the summer! That’s a lot of work, but I really love his wardrobe. The shorts pattern comes from: Burda style 7381 shorts and uses Robert Kaufman Kobe twill. The button shirt is McCall’s M6044. One more week of school and then it’s SUMMER TIME!

Week 3 is thankfully over, sorry for my overreacting to snow this week! Next week is supposed to be warm and sunny and I have to go into work every day, so watch out cute outfits here they come!

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