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Self-Drafted Trousers Using Thread Theory Jutland Pants

My jaw dropped to the floor when I started comparing the self-drafted trousers pattern for Ryan to actual sewing patterns that I had in my collection. The style and fit of my self-drafted trousers were closest to Thread Theory's Jutland Pants, with a few modifications to leg fit, pockets, etc. Over a year ago, I… Continue reading Self-Drafted Trousers Using Thread Theory Jutland Pants

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Review of Thread Theory’s Arrowsmith Undershirt and True Bias’ Hudson Pants

This summer I found the perfect summer PJ set for Ryan. Now I realize the fabric does this weird visual illusion, but go with me on this. I mashed together two patterns to generate the best possible comfortable PJ set for warm summer days. For the top, I used Thread Theory's Arrowsmith undershirt pattern, which is a free PDF pattern by the way. For the bottoms, I used True Bias' Hudson pant pattern. Match made in heaven!

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Me Made May ’17 Week 3 Round Up

Big news this week, it SNOWED here in Utah and not just up in the mountains but in the city too! We went from lovely spring weather, sunny, 75ºF to cold, snowy, freezing temperatures. Any fun wardrobe shenanigans had to be put on hold and I had to resort to wearing my limited cold weather clothes. I know I need more sweaters and long-sleeved stuff, but it wasn't until February / March that I finally found some patterns I liked. I will put off sewing winter stuff until after summer though.