Cross Back Apron for Adults

I thought it apropos that my first sewing post be a kitchen apron. My life has turned into one long progression of teaching myself new skills. I love learning how to make things from scratch in the kitchen, but I also love new challenges outside the kitchen as well. Over the last year, I taught myself how to sew namely so I could make bow ties for Ryan. After sewing 100+ bow ties, I figured it was time to branch out to new sewing patterns. Now I should mention both Ryan and I are tall, lanky people. We look ridiculous in most “standard” clothing and accessories. Aprons for us have always been a bit of a joke. Aprons never quite cover enough of the chest and are always too short. We never bother wearing aprons, because they never cover us from food splatter. I also hate how aprons slowly creep up over time. I always end up in a choke hold from my apron. No more.

I found this great pattern for a cross back apron. It doesn’t involve any tying and just slips over the head. It also covers a lot more, so we get less on our clothes. The post also includes a very thorough YouTube video:

I was absolutely terrified to sew this pattern, but always love a new challenge. The first apron was a bit too narrow and the arm holes were definitely too small. I knew I’d have to adjust the pattern a bit. I added 1 inch to the width when I cut out the center (2 inches total since it’s a folded cut). I also added 3 inches to the shoulders. After making these adjustments, I had to add 1.5 inches to the inside patch for the top of the apron. The apron now fits wonderfully. I tried another junk apron before sewing with the nice fabrics. This apron was given to a teacher in Ryan’s school as a spit guard. It’s hard to be a special ed teacher and wear nice clothes. Some kids like to defy teachers and spit uncontrollably. Fun. These aprons are super easy to sew and take no time at all. Back to the kitchen…

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