Me Made May ’17 Week 4 Round Up

This week was super rough. I don’t normally work on campus and when I do I would typically take public transit to make the 1.5 hour commute less stressful. However this week I had a friend visiting to teach me about structural connectivity analyses, so I rented a car to be able to show them around the Provo / Orem area. I’m behind on this post because I would just wake up, drive to Provo, work all day, drive home, and have about 45 minutes before I fell asleep to do it all over again the next day. But I did get to wear quite a few cute outfits, so let’s talk about those now!

Day 22

Today I wore Made by Rae Ruby Top and slim fit pants from Simplicity (1696). Both of these are pretty old items in my closet and I’m so happy they still fit. I was unsure how a gathered sleeve and elastic cuff would look on an adult. I know that style feature is adorable on baby clothes, but I didn’t know if it would look too girlish on me. Obviously if this shirt is still in my closet, then it’s is something I like wearing and I think it looks good. I made a version of this shirt using flannel and I love wearing it in the fall. Too bad I didn’t have an opportunity to wear it this month.

Day 23

Now that I found sandals that work with these dresses, I think I’m going to live in them all summer long! If you don’t follow me on Instagram stories, I purchased the Brujita sandal from Luna. I love the sandal has just enough elegance to them that I can wear them with my Sew Caroline Out and About dresses. I have 3 dresses in my closet. I’m obsessed.

Day 24

Hump day! Today I’m wearing my bright red Simplicity 8056 shorts, New Look 6481 denim jacket, and a newly sewn Grainline Studio Willow tank made from rayon I picked up at Jo-Anns. These shorts are perfect for work, structured and long enough to conform to the dress code. On the other hand, the rayon was see-through so I lined it and nicely hid away all my seams! It was much easier to sew in a lining that trying to bind the neck and arm holes. I’ve had issues with rayon in the past shrinking really badly after I sewed my garment. This time I washed the fabric in warm water and dried it on a medium setting…twice. I wanted to make extra, extra sure the fabric wasn’t going to shrink later. I normally wash my clothes in cold water and hang to dry, so it was weird to prewash my fabric so aggressively. I paired my outfit with my interpretation of a denim jacket. I just love the cut and fit on this jacket and making it out of a stretch denim was such a perfect choice for a casual but work appropriate outfit! Yay!

Day 25

Ground’s Hog day? Nope, just love the shirt and jacket combo that I wore yesterday that I decided to wear it again today. Today I’m wearing my other New Look 6481 jacket and another newly sewn Grainline Studio Willow tank. And who doesn’t want to wear pink rayon with gold flamingos?! If you want to know how to sew a lined sleeveless top, check out this YouTube video (see here). Once you’ve attached your lining to your garment, then you just hem your shirt and lining separately. I raised the hem on my lining quite a bit so you’d never see it peeking out underneath. Probably hemmed it a bit too high, but oh well. I just love the gold flamingos!

Day 26

Friyay!!!!! I was so tired today. Today I’m wearing my all time favorite skirt, Liesl + Co. Everyday skirt with the Seamwork Astoria sweater. I love the skirt and wish I had an excuse to sew more. However, I still struggle with tops to pair with the skirt. The Astoria sweater is OK. It works, but it isn’t my favorite. I like to have things I can wear with different stuff, but this skirt is the only thing in my closet I can wear with my Astoria sweater. I’m not about to wear it with jeans, because then it looks like a halter top and NO, just NO!! This outfit doesn’t get as much wear as say my Sew Caroline Out and About dresses, because of this top issue. I really need to find some top inspiration.

Day 27

I’m out for the count! Today I’m re-wearing my Grainline Studio Linden sweatshirt and Sew Caroline’s Tammy’s Tulip Shorts. Today was about getting laundry done, deep cleaning our place, and napping. It is the first day of summer vacation and both Ryan and I are completely exhausted. I will have a blog post reviewing these shorts on June 1st so watch out for that…

Day 28

I know this isn’t about what Ryan is wearing today, but to be fair I think the end of the school year deserves some recognition. As a school teacher, Ryan wears a different bow tie every day. This is why I got into sewing. The first thing I sewed was a bow tie, over a 100 bow ties actually. Now Ryan’s collection, three years later, consists of over 180+ bowties. I do custom designed ties and pocket squares for adults and children (see here).

If you look carefully, you can see that Ryan is wearing flannel PJs using True Bias’ Hudson pant pattern and a sweatshirt from Kwik Sew (#K3045). But the bowties are cooler!

Week 4 is over and Me Made May is almost too!!

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