Draft Pants to Fit Your Quads

I learned a lot between drafting pants for myself and drafting pants for Ryan. Specifically, I learned where the crease line should go at the crotch level in order to fit quadriceps. Fitting pants is more than just widths and lengths put together. Your unique body shape is important too. Continue reading to learn more!... Continue Reading →

Visual Schedule

Ryan and I teamed up and developed a task manager / visual schedule to help us manage life. This is what we came up with. Click on the "Download Files" button below. Download Files Helpful Details File Format The cards are designed in Adobe Illustrator. The mockup boards are an Adobe InDesign file. Card Size... Continue Reading →

Wiksten Haori House Coat

This will be a short post about my Wiksten haori since the pattern did not require extensive alterations. After my failed quilted jacket that I ended up giving to my mother, I think I might have hit gold with my haori. Materials I went kind of wild for the materials. Years ago, I made blankets... Continue Reading →

Grainline Studio Tamarack Jacket

Since 2020 is the year of stretchy pants and big sweatshirts, I figured I needed to join the trend and make myself a comfy quilted jacket too. This was a big and intimidating project for me. I don't have a lot of experience sewing jackets, and to make things even more interesting, I planned on... Continue Reading →

Camisole: Part 2 Construction

Welcome back! I've been talking about camisoles. My first post was about how I drafted my own camisole once I tried a recently released pattern that just didn't work for me. This post is all about constructing the camisole. I didn't love the instructions on the pattern I purchased, so here are my improved methods.... Continue Reading →

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