Update to Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee

This is an update to my original post. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to accept a friend's challenge and do 10,000 pushups by the end of the year. As I'm writing this, I'm 4,500 pushups into my challenge. Doing pushups at this rate was bound to have a positive effect on my body.… Continue reading Update to Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee

Gluten-Free Orange Carrot Cake

Food photo created by mrsiraphol - http://www.freepik.com Ryan's favorite cake is carrot cake, and for his birthday in March, I found this recipe. We immediately adapted it to reduce sugar and boost flavor. The changes are minor (reduce sugar and salt, add orange zest), but I wanted to publish our version of Bon Appétite's Gluten-Free Carrot… Continue reading Gluten-Free Orange Carrot Cake