2023 January Recap

I love data and graphing, so I thought doing some breakdowns each month would be fun. I will summarize the number of projects I do and the total amount spent on crafting each month and then do a yearly summary at the end. This year began with some big projects in the works that are costly and time-consuming. I completed rain jackets earlier this month, and I’m now working on day hiking packs. January is also an expensive month because I have purchased two 25-yard bolts of 60″ natural muslin fabric for the last four years, but the two bolts last me the year. When looking over these graphs, note that I don’t include mockup fabric (i.e., muslin or toile) in my yardage sewn or purchased. I’m primarily concerned about fabric in my stash specifically purchased to be used for a final item.

I sewed 7 items this month and knitted one. Sadly, I’m frogging the slipover as we speak because my gauge was too tight! I feel like my efforts are evenly split between Ryan and myself, so I’m excited to see how this progresses through the year.

The polyester here was for the rain jackets. I wasn’t sure how to classify a 3-layer laminate fabric.

Oof, the $200 for muslin was a significant part of this month’s expenses (i.e., mockup fabric). I also purchased brand new upper and lower blades for my serger (i.e., equipment). It’s been over a year since they were replaced.

I like having as close as I can manage, nothing in my stash. Over the last year, I did well at getting it reduced. I have a few cuts here and there, but the average days in my stash will generally be small. The 214 days this month is from the cream jersey knit that’s been there for a while! It was originally purchased, so I could easily screen print with a color other than black. However, with Transfer Superstars available to print outstanding DTF, I don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Are there other data you’d like to see?

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    1. I’d love to be able to include time data, but I’m often multitasking while I WFH. There’s no way I’d be able to accurately and consistently measure how much time I spend sewing/knitting. I’ll have to think about a way to capture project planning vs. working on the final garment. I’d say it’s 95% planning and doing pattern analysis and only about 5% sewing the actual garment. Thanks for the ideas.

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