Iron Joggers from Green Style

I reviewed men's joggers a while ago, and one of the patterns I evaluated was the Iron joggers from Green Style. Based on my review, I knew I would have to center the grainline at the knee, raise the waistline, and move the center grainline towards the side seam for both the front and back... Continue Reading →

Brassie Joggers from Green Style

Winter is lasting extra long this year. I was going to put off this project until autumn, but then I remembered I may want some warm baselayer joggers for fishing and camping this summer in the Uintas. So, a few months ago, I tested the Brassie Joggers with Browzwear. The fit was really close to... Continue Reading →

Men’s Joggers Comparison Guide: Part 2, Drape

HandmadePhD, Grasser No191, True Bias Men's Hudson, Green Style Iron, Sinclair Lakeside, Jalie Henri In part 1 of this blog series, I introduced several men's jogger patterns: Grasser No191 (click here for Pinterest Board)True Bias Men's Hudson (click here for Pinterest Board)Green Style Iron (click here for Pinterest Board)Sinclair Lakeside (click here for Pinterest Board)Jalie... Continue Reading →

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