Night Vision Reflective Bomber Jacket M7637

This is my second version of McCall’s M7637 jacket. For fit / alteration details, go check out my original post here. Let’s talk about this incredible jacket!

The outer fabric comes from Blue Moon Fabrics and is completely light reflective for maximum visibility at night. I went with silver for this jacket, but I may have to make another version with the rainbow reflective fabric.

The reflectivity doesn’t stop there. The jacket also has a reflective zipper from Pacific Trimming. I love that I can get custom zipper lengths from Pacific Trimming, so the zipper fits perfectly.

I used ribbed spandex from Blue Moon Fabrics for the cuffs, neckband, and waistband.

Finally, I used matte nylon spandex from Blue Moon Fabrics for the lining. I went with a neon color, chartreuse.

The reflective fabric is a little tricky to puncture, so I made sure to use a new, sharp, fine needle. I recommend using a microtex needle, size 70/10 or 80/20.

I absolutely love the jacket. It’ll be perfect for evening walks now that it’s dark by 5:00 PM.

2 thoughts on “Night Vision Reflective Bomber Jacket M7637”

    1. It just depends on the fabrics you use for the outer and lining. This jacket was plenty warm at 32ºF last night, hiking uphill, but I always get warm hiking uphill. I needed my down jacket when we started hiking back downhill. I sized up on this jacket so I could wear layers: merino baselayer, down jacket, etc.


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