Schoeller Schussmeister Winter Hiking Pants

What do you do when you impulse buy technical outdoor fabric? Why make pants, of course! The Schoeller® Schussmeister stretch woven nylon / wool fabric can be found at Rockywoods here. Making these pants is a BIG deal because outdoor technical gear is not very body inclusive. Ryan and I have NEVER fit brands like… Continue reading Schoeller Schussmeister Winter Hiking Pants

Night Vision Reflective Bomber Jacket M7637

This is my second version of McCall's M7637 jacket. For fit / alteration details, go check out my original post here. Let's talk about this incredible jacket! Blue Moon Fabrics Night Vision Reflective Fabric The outer fabric comes from Blue Moon Fabrics and is completely light reflective for maximum visibility at night. I went with… Continue reading Night Vision Reflective Bomber Jacket M7637

McCall’s Unisex Bomber Jacket M7637

I have definitely been highly influenced by all the wonderful jackets made by Emma. I've had this pattern in my library for a while, and I finally got around to making the jacket for Ryan and myself. This will be a great post because I get to feature one pattern and show how it looks… Continue reading McCall’s Unisex Bomber Jacket M7637