Wiksten Haori House Coat

This will be a short post about my Wiksten haori since the pattern did not require extensive alterations. After my failed quilted jacket that I ended up giving to my mother, I think I might have hit gold with my haori.


I went kind of wild for the materials. Years ago, I made blankets for our beds using heavyweight linen (7.1 oz/yd2) from the Fabrics-Store. I updated our bedding this year but didn’t want to just toss the linen blankets. I knew I could use the fabric to make a housecoat, and that’s exactly what I used for the main fabric of my haori. For the lining, I wanted to replicate a housecoat I already own. Years and years ago, before I knew how to sew, I bought myself a housecoat from Gap with this soft and warm sherpa lining on the inside. I wanted my haori to have the same lining. I purchased Birch organic fabrics sherpa since it is 100% cotton and doesn’t contain any polyester. I’m not a fan of polyester. I bought the fabric on sale, so I had no choice other than navy blue.


The haori is oversized and forgiving. Based on my measurements (39″ bust, 33″ waist, 42.5″ hips), I made a size L in the longest length.


I made two minor alterations. The first was to lengthen the arms by several inches. The second alteration was to move the shoulder seam to adjust for my forward-thrusting shoulders. I’ve documented how to make a forward shoulder alteration on a shoulder seam like this before when I made Hey June Handmade’s Willamette Shirt.


For the most part, I didn’t do anything off-script for the construction. My only concern was the heavy lining stretching out beyond the linen since the sherpa is a knit fabric and easily stretches. I lined up the side seams and stitched-in-the-ditch to hold the outer and lining together to stabilize the jacket. So far, that seems like just enough stabilization that the lining isn’t going to sag in weird ways.


I love my jacket. It is perfectly oversized, warm, and cozy. I was really unsure how well my fabrics would pair together, but everything worked out just fine.

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