Review of Thread Theory’s Arrowsmith Undershirt and True Bias’ Hudson Pants


This summer I found the perfect summer PJ set for Ryan. Now I realize the fabric does this weird visual illusion, but go with me on this. I mashed together two patterns to generate the best possible comfortable PJ set for warm summer days. For the top, I used Thread Theory’s Arrowsmith undershirt pattern, which is a free PDF pattern by the way. For the bottoms, I used True Bias’ Hudson pant pattern. Match made in heaven!


Besides the 1/2″ forward shoulder adjustment, the only tweak I made was to the armholes so they’d lay flat. Nothing major and they were definitely what I would classify as small fussy adjustments. I just wanted the shirt to sit perfectly.




Wasn’t sure if this lighter weight knit would suffice for sweatpants, but boy oh boy are these great summer sweatpants. No regrets!

All in all, Ryan has three different sets of these PJs and he wears nothing else at home. I think that’s the true test of satisfaction.

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