Comfy Summer PJs – Review of Tammy’s Tulip Shorts by Sew Caroline and Sante Fe Top by Hey June

I’ve been focusing on getting out of my comfort zone lately. This means I’m participating in #mmmay17. Part of my participation involves sewing new clothes and trying new patterns. It has taken awhile, but I finally have a good wardrobe base, so now I can really start refining. This whole post and the clothes I made came out of no where. I had the fabric and my original goal was to make a nice summery outfit, but it turned into the best, most comfiest PJs you could imagine.

Tammy’s Tulip Shorts by Sew Caroline


I originally made the Tammy’s Tulip shorts in a quilt or woven cotton. The pattern is very similar to the Lakeside PJs by Grainline Studio, which I’ve made before. I knew that those shorts fit me and had a generous enough crotch curve to accommodate my derrière, so I compared that pattern with the Tammy’s Tulip shorts. What I immediately noticed is that I need to deepen the back crotch curve and add about ½” to the side seam.

For the first time in my life, I just went ahead and made the adjustments before trying the pattern as is. My boldness was rewarded. The muslin shorts looked great and would have been wearable, but the fabric was see through. Dang.

Then I did something even crazier, I just cut out the shorts in a knit fabric making zero changes to the pattern. I thought, baggy shorts, how bad could it be? Normally you’d want to size down with knit fabric, but I didn’t.

The result was pure brilliance. The Tammy’s Tulip shorts in knit fabric are sooooo comfortable. Instead of  bias tape, I just did a simple knit binding. Check out the knit binding section in this tutorial (see here). The only thing I did better was add double-sided stay tape from SewkeysE when I folded over the binding to the wrong side. I was able to iron the binding in place and not have to fight the fabric and do a ton of pinning.

Sante Fe Top by Hey June


  • Pattern: Sante Fe Top by Hey June
  • Fabric: Here Comes the Fun Knit by Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Size: L
  • Modifications: ½” forward shoulder adjustment

Again I just made the forward shoulder adjustment without trying out the pattern first. I just know that most patterns I need a ½” forward shoulder adjustment. I made view B and took out the center seam. What’s awesome is that in the instructions and on the pattern there’s help on what to do if you want to remove the center seam. Awesome!

As you would imagine, this was super easy to sew together. I did the same knit binding as I did on my shorts. Sew the binding right sides together, add double-sided stay tape, iron the binding to the wrong side and stitch down. Easy peasy kitten squeez-y!

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