Picnic Basket Dishcloth

Nothing like a trip that involves spending a week in a location with no internet and no TV to really motivate you to learn a new skill that doesn’t require modern technology. When I was in High School I tried to learn how to knit, but I was so bad at it. I spent months knitting blankets after blankets and I could never get my tensioning right. All my blankets ended up trapezoidal. It wasn’t until recently that I realized crocheting and knitting were two totally different things. I’m awful at knitting so I didn’t bother to pay much attention. But apparently crocheting is super awesome and easy. I grew up making 100s of über elaborate friendship bracelets, so crocheting for me isn’t too far off that. I wanted to share with you one of those easy patterns that I really love. If you know how to do a basic half double and double crochet stitches then that’s all you need to know.


The pattern directions say to start by chaining 38 and then doing a double crochet in each chain for your first row. I made my life a little easier by just doing 38 foundation double crochet stitches. If you don’t know how to combine your beginning chain or foundation with your double crochet stitch all at once, check out this youtube video:

So now I’m on a mission to make myself and all my friends picnic basket dishcloths. This is such an easy project and will make a really great give or new house warm present. Yay for crocheting!

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