Grainline Studio Lakeside Jim-jams

Summer is coming (let’s ignore the snow we had here in Utah this week) and for the first time I am going to have some cool and comfortable summer jim-jams. The pattern is from Grainline Studio, Lakeside Pajamas. The pattern is fantastic: fits great and looks great too. The fabric is from Robert Kaufman and is just nerd-tastic! You can’t go wrong with this outfit for sleeping / lounging and staying cool this summer.

I tested out the pattern with muslin fabric first and thought that I might have to totally alter the top pattern, but realized to get the bust dart placement correct, all I needed to do was lengthen the spaghetti straps by 3 inches. Seems like a lot, but makes sense since I’m always at the longest length when there are standard adjustable straps involved.  If you notice your bust dart placement is way too high / low, adjust the strap length and that will probably solve all your problems.

I love how comfortable the top is. There’s nothing worse than a sleep top that’s tight and constrictive. The crossback is super cute. The shorts are also great. Sewing the bias tape is a little tricky along the side seam, but not too big of a deal if you’ve used bias binding before. With my recent torture of trying to make full butt adjustments to my pant patterns so my pants will fit, I was pleasantly surprised that the crotch length was just perfect for me.

I’m already stocking up on lovely voile fabric to make more jim-jams for summer sleeping, but I need to find more nerdy fabric…

And now for some totally superfluous Doctor Who….”not bad for a man in his jim jams”!

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