Simplicity 8056 Amazing Fit Flared Pants

This post is not so much about the fantastically awesome, best-pant-pattern ever, but instead about the plights of finding fabric that will work for making pants. Here’s the dilemma, I need casual pants for work and everyday wear and I want them to come in colors other than black, but I don’t want the fabric to look ridiculous after an hour.


Over the winter I purchased J. Crew designer fabric from Imagine Gnats. I thought this fabric was going to make some seriously lovely pants. Boy was I wrong. Now I don’t mean to nag on Imagine Gnats, I think she has a lovely online fabric store with some really beautiful and awesome fabric. I would just say, avoid the twill fabric for making pants. The Simplicity 8056 pants fit perfectly with a narrow straight leg. I changed the leg fit so it wasn’t flared that’s all. The pants fit wonderful when I first put them on (aka Dr. Jekyll)…

After a few minutes of wearing the pants, the truth of the fabric (aka evil Mr. Hyde) became noticeable–distention, bagginess, bunching, sag-central, gunny sack. It was awful. I have no idea what happened. I was jekyll-and-hyded!! In a panic I washed the pants (in cold water) and hung them up to dry. Once the pants were dry, I tried them on again. They fit perfect…

After a few minutes of wearing the pants, they went back to sagging and drooping. I was crushed. This was not cheap fabric and it turned out to be completely useless. The problem with the fabric is that the pants are as tight as I can stand them right out of the wash, so I can’t sew the pants any smaller (i.e., I actually tried with a khaki colored pair and couldn’t get the pants on again).

I admitted defeat and tried to find better fabric.  I’ve recently fallen in love with Robert Kaufman’s Ventana solid twill. It is a medium-heavy weighted twill fabric that’s 100% cotton. I think I need to just stay away from stretch fabric for structured pants.

You can see what a difference the fabric makes. I made these pants with the same pattern, no differences what so ever. Actually the only difference is the light blue Robert Kaufman pants have been worn for two days. Sorry not sorry, but I love these comfy pants. I’m perplexed why the crotch sags so badly with the plum pants.

Why did it get so loose around the hips and ugly under the bum? Unfortunately I’m too cognizant of the fit of the plum pants that I can’t stand to wear them. I’ve already started pilfering them for parts (read taking off the buttons). The worst view is from the back. I almost don’t want to post these pictures, but have to so I can make my point.

Let me know if I’m crazy, but I think the blue pants fit pretty dang good. Not sure how much better you are going to get the fit. Don’t get me started on the plum. It’s amazing how differently these pants look even though they are the exact same pattern. Fabric matters a lot. Luckily I found a fabric I think I can live with. It sews up beautifully. It is soft to the touch. Comfortable to wear. Comes is 60+ colors (woot woot)! I’m also interested in getting Robert Kaufman’s Kobe Twill which is a smoother, lighter weight twill. I ordered some fabric and I’m excited to see how they turn out.

I just have to include what I feel like my pants look like. This is a gorgeous actress wearing pants no one has business wearing. No more baggy pants please!

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