New Look 6481 Jacket

I’m in LOOOOOVE with this pattern!! I have been searching high and low for a modern cut structured jacket that I can wear over t-shirts and button-down shirts. Mission accomplished.


I have never made a New Look pattern. I always got the impression that it was a bad idea, but the pattern came together nicely. The pattern pieces all fit together as they should. There were no surprises (i.e., the length of the front and back pattern pieces were somehow several inches off). The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Ignore the ridiculous 2 star review on the Mood Fabric. Side note: I don’t understand people that give low reviews when they simply disagree with how to use the fabric? I would expect a 2 star fabric to fall apart in the wash, have some serious flaws, and generally be worthless to use in normal clothing. I made the jacket using really smooth lightweight stretch cotton twill. I wanted a black jacket that was lightweight. I’ll worry about warm heavy versions of this jacket when we aren’t moving into spring / summer weather.

I already have plans to make a denim version of this jacket and cut the sleeves to three-fourths length. I think it’ll be a great addition to my wardrobe for the summer. Here in Utah, it may be 90ºF, but if you are in the shade it can feel like 60ºF. It is always necessary to carry layers even in the heat of the summer.

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