Astoria by Colette Seamwork

About at my wit’s end with Colette Seamwork patterns that just don’t fit anyone! I love the looks, but when it comes to the practical of fitting, Colette patterns are worse than the Big 3 companies by far. Sorry to say it, but it needed to be said.


  • Pattern: Astoria by Colette Seamwork
  • Fabric: Birch Organic Fabrics, Mod Basics
  • Size: Large
  • Modifications: added 2 inches to the bodice length, moved entire shoulder seam forward ½ inch, removed ¾ inch from forward neckline, added ½ inch to neckline at shoulder and back (see full details below)

I’ve put together a Pinterest board to show how many other people have the same fit issues I did. The front neckline is too high and feels like you are being choked to death. The whole shoulder seam is unbalanced and too far back, which accentuates the forward neckline choking feeling. The back neckline is too droopy and doesn’t sit flat on the body. Besides lengthening the whole bodice, I had to make some major edits to the neckline and shoulder seam in order to get the sweater to sit right. Funnily enough, I think I made exactly the same adjustments as Teri over at Fa Sew La (

Here’s how the original sweater fit along the front neckline. I get anxious just thinking about the neckline choking me. I couldn’t stand it!

Next comes the ridiculous placement of the shoulder seams originally. They were placed too far back for anyone!

Because the shirt was falling off the shoulders and backwards, the neckline did this weird puckering and drooping.

I think after I made all those changes to the pattern, it fits much better, but I have to ask myself why did I have to make all those changes in the first place if it seems like everyone is having the same fit issues? I still think after moving the shoulder seam forward ½ inch, adding ½ inch to the neckline at the shoulder seam, but taking away ¾ inch in the front (so scoping the neckline more) that the neckline may still be too high!

But at least the sweater isn’t trying to strangle me to death. I like the back neckline better, again adding ½ inch to raise it up.

And the shoulder seam is now well-balanced.

Whew after all the work, I’m glad I have a sweater to wear with my Everyday Skirt pattern. I’ve really struggled finding shirts to go with my skirts, so in my desperation I stuck with the Astoria pattern and did everything I could to make it work. Normally, I would have abandoned the pattern and never looked back. Here’s to a little persistence!

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  1. Your modified Astoria looks great! The color is so pretty. My first one still gets worn but I certainly prefer the second one where I made all of the fitting adjustments. The chokey neckline that is too low in the back is so annoying. I gave up on Seamwork and Colette patterns a while ago but I am glad I persisted with getting the Astoria to fit better. I love how it looks with full skirts, especially the Everyday Skirt! Glad you got there with your adjustments, too!

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