Draft Pants to Fit Your Quads

I learned a lot between drafting pants for myself and drafting pants for Ryan. Specifically, I learned where the crease line should go at the crotch level in order to fit quadriceps. Fitting pants is more than just widths and lengths put together. Your unique body shape is important too. Continue reading to learn more!... Continue Reading →

I wish there were a way to get a 3D printed body form for the lower body. I'm convinced that pants are always going to require massive alterations to fit a person. After my blog post about the differences between my pattern and the True Bias Hudson pant pattern, I wanted to see how Ryan's... Continue Reading →

My jaw dropped to the floor when I started comparing the self-drafted trousers pattern for Ryan to actual sewing patterns that I had in my collection. The style and fit of my self-drafted trousers were closest to Thread Theory's Jutland Pants, with a few modifications to leg fit, pockets, etc. Over a year ago, I... Continue Reading →

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