Haslam Hat from Thread Theory

I had just enough fabric left over from my Brassie joggers and Ryan’s Iron joggers to make us new winter hats. The Haslam Hat from Thread Theory was close enough in style to our old The North Face hats, so here’s the results.

Analyzing Style and Fit

The Haslam hat comes in three different sizes (S, M, and L) and three different styles: two types of ear flaps or a hem band. You can also choose to add a pom pom and/or tassels.

Materials and Notions

Polartec® Power Grid™ 9110 OR in Burnt Orange

I used leftover Polartec® Power Grid™ 9110 OR, purchased from Ripstop by the Roll. My hat is in the colorway Burnt Orange and Ryan’s is in the colorway Sage.

Polartec® Power Grid™ 9110 OR in Sage

Size Chart and Options

Head Circumference21-1/22324-1/2

Our heads measure 23 inches, so I made a size M for both of us. We definitely wanted the ear flaps, so I used variation 2, the short ear flaps.


The volume of the hat was too much, so I removed 1 inch from the cap and 1 inch from the ear flap. The original fit meant that the hat would fall below our eyes, which wouldn’t work.

Final Fit


I added a shock cord instead of tassels, so we could flip the ear flaps up when it’s warmer. The hat is reversible, so I ensured both sides of the Polartec® Power Grid™ 9110 OR were usable. The smooth side wicks away moisture, and the grid side provides extra warmth. I love quick projects like this.

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