Simplicity 8056 in Sell Fabric Chino Twill

I have been finally making myself comfortable and wearable pants! I’ve raved about the 8 oz. chino twill from before and that’s the fun fabric I used for these pants, pumpkin color!

I love the fit, finally on a pair of pants. They are not too tight and not too loose, but in terms Goldilocks would understand, just right.

I have made quite a few adjustments to the pattern over the months: redesigned the pockets to be usable, made the legs straight instead of flair, etc. I’ve lost track of all the tinkering I’ve done with the crotch curve. Fitting pants is definitely a process…a long, tedious process…

I’m so happy though that I’ve gotten to a point with making pants that I find the process easy and enjoyable. Making my own pair of jeans is on my wish list / goal for 2018. I think I’m ready…

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