McCall’s m6649 in Cotton + Steel Yours Truly Strawberry Gold

Button down shirts: classic, always on-trend, easy to wear, perfect. If done correctly, an untucked button down shirt and a pair of pants can be the easiest outfit possible that is appropriate for everyday wear.

After getting my technique down for sewing the collar and cuffs (see here for tutorial), I have been on a mission to make myself several button down shirts.

The pattern that I use is McCall’s m6649. Unfortunately, the pattern is no longer in print. However, I’ve made so many edits to the pattern now that I’m not sure how true to the original it is. The edits include: adding a sleeve button placket, changing the shape of the cuff, removing the front darts, lengthening the back darts, deepening the armscye curve, removing several inches from the back width, shortening the width of the collar, moving the bust dart down, and adding extra buttons on the front.

A couple of weeks ago, I spent all day fussy editing my pattern to get this fit. It was a huge headache, but now I’m even more satisfied with the look.

I’ve been so obsessed with fitting pants right that I’ve lost track with how important it is to fit my shirts as well.

I also have been crushing on Cotton + Steel quilting cotton fabric for these shirts. Not all fabric is created equal and this true even for quilting cotton. Don’t go rushing out to your nearest quilt fabric store and buy anything that you like. It may not work for making button down shirts. Depending on the brand and style of the quilting cotton, you can get stiff fabric that doesn’t drape. The reason I love Cotton + Steel fabric is that it has a softer feel and drapes better than say Art Gallery Fabrics. AGF quilting cottons are really crisp and stiff and make a poor choice for apparel fabric. I love this shirt and I definitely love the fabric!

The fabric is Strawberry Gold from the Yours Truly collection designed by Kim Kight, style # 3040-02.

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