Toaster Sweater #1 by Sew House Seven

My hunt for chic sweater pattern is unrelenting. The internet has exploded over Sew House Seven’s new pattern, Toaster Sweater #1 (they also have a #2 version). I love anything with a turtleneck and I’m so glad they are coming back into fashion!!! Yay!!!


The sweater is closer fitting and semi-cropped that’s why I added a little bit of length. It also features raglan sleeves (OMG yes!!!!), a wide waistband, a loose turtleneck (squeee!!!), long cuffs and falls between the high and low hip. I was unsure how good a raglan sweatshirt would look. I wanted something stylish and not frumpy. This pattern didn’t disappoint.

This pattern is one of those awesome, magical patterns where the entire garment can be sewn on a serger. It’s quick and easy; only took me 30 minutes to sew. I did bust out my sewing machine to top-stitch the neckband and waistband.

I used a new fabric for this sweater. I’ve had NOSH’s terry sweat-shirting in my stash for 6 months now, too scared to cut it for anything. The NOSH fabric is soft and cozy and worked great to make a fall / winter sweater.

Then I got adventurous. I still had a bit of scraps leftover from sweater attempts last winter. I had just enough sweater fleece from Jo Ann’s to make a super thick and warm version. No regrets! This pattern definitely works well with super thick fabrics.

I’m so happy I made this pattern.

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