Finlayson Sweater

I’ve been on a cardigan / sweater kick lately; mostly because Hancock Fabric has gotten stocked some super awesome sweater fleece. I’ll blog about my cardigans later, but I wanted to bring attention to Thread Theory’s Finlayson Sweater). I’m in love with all of Thread Theory’s patterns for my husband. Love the Comox Trunk pattern. Love the Strathcona Henley pattern too!

My husband measures 6 feet 6 inches tall. He has a 38″ chest, 32″ waist, and 36″+ inseam. The reasons I got into sewing regardless would have happened anyways, because it has been nearly impossible to find clothes for Ryan. We’ve found a few clothing companies that accommodate the tall and lanky guy, but they only offer dress pants and shirts. The Thread Theory patterns have been an absolutely dream for fitting Ryan. He’s been a solid size M in the patterns with a few changes. I had to add 2″ to the body length and 1″ in the sleeve, plus as always to get the better fit a 1/2″ forward shoulder adjustment. Doing the forward shoulder adjustment is nice just to enhance the fit and now shirts are balanced on the shoulders and don’t fall forward or backwards.

I love how simple this pattern really was. The decorative facing on the back is just fabulous. I love that simple detail. It makes the sweater look more professional. I imagine is helps to give extra structure to the neckline too to have that extra fabric. Balances the weight of a collar or hood depending on which you add to the sweater.

The collar was the real winner. I wanted to make sweaters that could be worn to work and since Ryan always wears a bow tie to work, we needed a sweater that would showcase his bow ties. I loooooove the fold-over collar. Because this sweater is just so awesome, I already have fabric to sew two more. Yay! Love it, love it, love it!

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