Browzwear: May Jeans from Make by TFS

I will likely post some quick blogs about things I'm learning while teaching myself how to use Browzwear apps. "Browzwear is the leading provider of 3D fashion design software for clothing development and merchandising solutions." I tested my knowledge on the May Jeans since these were my latest make. Avatar and Sizing I selected the plus-size... Continue Reading →

Cloud Sweatpants from Make by TFS

Of course, I will break down the fit and alterations of a basic sweatpants pattern. This is what I do! I had some extra fabric and needed summer shorts, so I took the Cloud Sweatpants pattern and made them into shorts. I selected this pattern both because of the size range available but also because... Continue Reading →

Linen Cass Pants by Make by TFS

It's been over a year since I've made standard work pants with a non-elastic waistband. Since I only have elastic waistband pants in my closet or overalls with no waistband, I thought I should try my hand at a more traditional pair of pants. Pattern I initially tried out Trend Schnitt No60 pants but found... Continue Reading →

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