Apricot Cherry Crisp

UPDATE (August 15, 2014): In my efforts to preserve the harvest, I froze apricots and cherries hoping I could make apricot and cherry crisp later in the year. For the apricots, I simply washed them and sliced them in half to remove the pit. I froze them initially on cookie sheets in my freezer, similar to... Continue Reading →

Rhubarb Crisp

As I sit here writing this post, I’m enjoying a slice of the rhubarb crisp. This is probably some of the best rhubarb I’ve ever eaten. I found my local supplier by typing “rhubarb” into the local newspaper classified ad section. As a technology junky, I never thought about local households posting their garden excesses... Continue Reading →

Peach Pie made with Frozen Peaches

And now for something completely different…besides loving to cook and being a scientist at heart, my other passion in life is music. Peaches ALWAYS remind me of the 90s alternative rock band from Seattle, The Presidents of the United States of America. Their song, Peaches, was released in 1996 and it was nominated for a... Continue Reading →

Lemon Raisin Cookies

I hate those days when I eat the last of whatever pie or dessert. It means I either have to bake something new or heaven forbid succumb to buying a container of Ginger-O’s, delicious cream filled ginger cookies. Ginger-O’s are my one weakness in life. If I have a cup or more of raisins sitting... Continue Reading →

Pie Crust That Never Fails

When baking, "failure is always an option" (Adam Savage - Mythbusters). I managed to fail a lot when making pie crusts. However, I have now mastered making pie crusts thanks to one of my favorite food bloggers, Completely Delicious. You can find her original recipe here. I didn't deviate at all from her recipe, so... Continue Reading →

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