Update to Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee

This is an update to my original post. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to accept a friend’s challenge and do 10,000 pushups by the end of the year. As I’m writing this, I’m 4,500 pushups into my challenge. Doing pushups at this rate was bound to have a positive effect on my body. I have better posture. I’ve lost a little of the dowager hump I was developing from all the hours I log at the computer. I’ve broadened my chest and back and built up my shoulders and arms. All good things. All bad things if I wanted to still fit into my t-shirts.


Let’s review sizing. I originally made a size XL and I actually stuck with that size. The size of the shirt wasn’t an issue, it was overall fit. Again, I did not include a full bust adjustment. I don’t need one.



The actual pattern is in gray. My original alterations are outlined in black. My new alterations are outlined in red.

For my new version, I made the following alterations:

  1. Kept the forward shoulder seam alteration and moved the outer shoulder seam towards the front by ½”.
  2. Kept the scoop at the armscye. Graded down one size at the notch.
  3. Lowered the armhole by ½”.

For my new version, I made most of my alterations here:

  1. Kept the forward shoulder and moved the outer shoulder seam towards the front by a ½”
  2. Reduced the scoop at the armscye. Only graded down two sizes at the notch.
  1. Because I lowered the armhole, I needed to widen the sleeve by ½” on both sides.


I still can’t believe how perfectly fitting this t-shirt is for me. It has the right amount of ease without looking like a trash bag. I love that the shirt will hang from my shoulders and not bunch up around the chest or armpits. Here’s my idea of a perfecting fitting t-shirt:

It hangs from the shoulders and doesn’t bunch along the shoulder seam. It doesn’t stretch across or over the chest but has enough ease. There’s no bunching or tightness at the armscye. There’s definitely no bunching or pulling at the armpit. From the chest down, it’s slim cut but not too tight.

I have to say the Union St. Tee is a really great basic t-shirt pattern and has the potential to work for a lot of people. It is a perfectly relaxed fit shirt that has options for FBA, different necklines, etc.

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