TAL High Cuff Sweater

I needed a simple pattern to get over my jean fitting frustrations. I’ve been interested in the patterns from The Assembly Line. I really love the silhouettes. They’re just my style. I choose the High Cuff sweater for my “easy” project. My only word of caution is that the patterns are very expensive and the size range is limited.



I used Robert Kaufman Shetland Flannel for the body and Art Gallery knit for the bands. The patterns suggests using rib knit, but I’m not a huge fan of rib knit. I didn’t have to make any alterations to the knit bands since Art Gallery knit is so perfect.


Based upon TAL’s size guide, I would be a size “M”, but for this sweater I decided to go up a size just in case. I’m glad I did. The pattern only goes up to a size “L”. In the end my alterations weren’t as quite straight forward as I would have liked. I fussed over the shoulder alterations quite a bit before I settled on the final version.


The actual pattern is in gray. My final alterations are outlined in green.


I lowered the front shoulder and neckline by several inches and widened the shoulder a little bit too. I also lengthened the hem by an inch. I might want to lengthening the hem further in the future. The sweater is short.


For the back, I widened the sleeve a bit to match the front. I had to lowered the neckband in the back as well. I did a small forward shoulder adjustment and lengthened the hem by an inch.


Because I took off so much length in the front shoulder, I had to alter the sleeve cap to be shorter as well. I also took off a ½ inch on the sleeve width since it was a bit too baggy for me.


I love the pattern and simple details. I’m thinking about making another version in corduroy with a floral knit band. How cool would that be?

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