True Bias Lander Pant in Chino Twill

Quick post about the final version of my True Bias Lander Pant. I’m still undecided about whether or not I like the fit of these pants. The style is VERY different for me.

I made the pant using 8 oz. chino twill from The chino twill fabric is a very study bottom-weight fabric that you find in traditional RTW “khaki” pants. I found this fabric when I was trying to duplicate my husband’s Eddie Bauer pants. Hopefully, that gives you an idea of the type of fabric used.

I think these pants would be great in linen or corduroy. Since summer is coming, I may try again with linen. What are your thoughts on the Lander pant?

5 thoughts on “True Bias Lander Pant in Chino Twill

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  1. I don’t know about the Lander to be honest. Yours look fabulous though – your fit as always is enviable! Love the colour and style on you, but that wide leg on me… I’m doubtful unless it was in something drapey which the pattern isn’t designed for. I’m also doubtful about culottes in general principle…I remember back in the day (’70s?) it was recommended that NO one wear this style because it’s just not flattering on any body. To be fair, Kelli has been mindful to make the Landers good and snug through the waist, upper and lower hip, and on everyone they seem to spread wide at just the right spot…still I remain too skeptical to take them on for myself even seeing yours 🙂

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  2. They look like they would make great summer pants! I love the button up front! I agree with Kathleen that you have a very excellent shape for these pants! Give ’em a go…see how you like them in the long run!

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