Closet Case Patterns Ginger Skinny Jeans Pattern Baste Fitting

I did it! I resisted the urge to make another muslin and just cut out my denim fabric. Here’s how the baste fitting looks. These will eventually turn into my first pair of Ginger Jeans. Now I have miles of topstitching to look forward to.

Can I just say, I melted when I first put these jeans on? The denim is so soft and comfortable! The current jeans I own are all raw denim, and I’ve had to go through a lot of effort to get them to soften. I’ve had my raw jeans for 5+ years now, and they’re still not as soft as these! I was shocked at how lovely the material is already.

For full disclosure, I did wash and dry this denim fabric multiple times, because I feared the indigo bleeding issue. I also shrunk the fabric as much as possible before cutting anything out. You NEVER put jeans in the dryer, but the fabric totally got tortured there!

Let’s start with the front view of the pants. I’m really happy with the fit and how it looks. I can’t wait until I get the front zipper and pockets in to provide more structure. Oh, it’s going to be glorious!

Here’s the much anticipated back view. I still have a little bit of twisting on my left leg, but again that’s fine. My right leg fits perfectly. Funnily enough, I have the same twisting issue with my RTW jeans. I know my left and right legs are seriously different. That’s OK. I’m loving the fit from the back view.

Let’s remember, you can’t get rid of ALL pant wrinkles because then you’d have zero mobility. What fabric wrinkles are still there ensure that I don’t get split in half when I’m trying to sit!

Off to sew my jeans now. Luckily I have a ton of practice making pants, so the construction part isn’t a thing. What I do worry about is topstitching. That is going to get old fast. Thankfully I have two sewing machines, so I don’t have to swap back and forth with my thread. I’m going to use my straight stitch machine for topstitching and my regular sewing machine for construction.

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  1. Congratulations! I’ve been bookmarking your journey and yours are the very first jeans I’ve ever seen sans the topstitching – you’ve helped me so much to get ready for this challenge 🙂 How wonderful it will be to have a pair of jeans that actually fit. I can only imagine your joy 🙂

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    1. Being gone for a week slowed me down, but now I’m back and ready to tackle the final sewing of my jeans. Thank you so much for your kind words. I always enjoy reading your comments!!


  2. This is exciting following your journey! Really thrilled you are happy with the fit and have to say they do look amazing on!!! Best wishes on all that top stitching! GO SLOW and enjoy the process!!! You are almost sliding into home-plate!!! Yay!!! 🙂

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