McCall’s m6649 in Flannel

Bring on the mystery flannel fabric I found while wasting time. I wish I knew more about this fabric, but unfortunately, I can’t give you any more information than that. I can tell you I got it at Fabric Mill in Orem, UT.

I got to sew this shirt using my new sewing machine, Babylock Jane. I cried tears of joy when I was making it. The ability to topstitch evenly is amazing on this machine.

The machine is so fast at sewing that I had to change my routine completely. I no longer can go back and forth between prepping and sewing, because I would waste so much time walking around back and forth. It is now far more efficient to get as much stuff prepped, ironed, pinned, etc. and then sit down and sew, because it takes less than 60 seconds to sew any one part.

I bought the machine hoping my sewing time would reduce, and holy cow I got this shirt made in no time flat!

Now I wish the fabric was a little more forgivable in lining up the plaid. My arms are all messed up. Pattern matching was impossible since there was a HUGE skew in the pattern after pre-washing.

I don’t know if it was the machine or the fact that I have made this shirt so many times already, but I did not struggle to get everything lined up and even when sewing together. My older sewing machine would pull the fabric in weird ways. Even though I would reduce the presser foot pressure as much as possible, I would still get tectonic shifting of my layers. The flannel fabric should have given me much more of a headache than it did and I’m assuming it was my new machine. Hence, I was crying tears of joy. I was just able to sew!!

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  1. That plaid is gorgeous! I almost gasped as soon as I saw it (you probably did too when you found it at the market!) – so vibrant and the mix of colours is delicious. I wouldn’t worry AT ALL about pattern matching, I can’t imagine anyone noticing that seeing this shirt. The only thing they are going to think/say is, “Where did you get this gorgeous shirt that fits you like a glove???”

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    1. I didn’t make a big deal about the new machine as I wanted to get use to it first before I started talking about it much. But once I got the hang of it and started sewing clothes I know well, the difference is amazing. I even broke down and bought material to make jeans, since the new sewing machine will definitely be able to handle the fabric! I’m super nervous about making jeans because pant fitting is SO HARD!!

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