Laminated Cotton Picnic Blanket

Earlier this year I was introduced to waterproof cotton fabrics: oilcloth and laminate. I have instantly fallen in love with laminated cottons. One of my first projects with laminated cotton was to make a self-binding blanket that can be rolled up and used as a picnic blanket with one side a waterproof cotton and the top side as flannel. I used Amy Butler Laminate Cotton, but I also know that Riley Blake has a great choice of laminated fabric. For my flannel top, I used Riley Blake flannel.

Our blanket is large:

  • 4 yards of 52″ flannel (cut 2 rectangles  31″ x 44″ and sewed the shorter edges together to create a blanket 62″ x 44″)
  • 4 yards of 54″ laminated cotton (cut 2 rectangles 36″ x 54″ and sewed the shorter edges together to create a blanket 72″ x 54″

To make the blanket, I followed the video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilting Company:

The blanket turned out great, rolls up easily, and is perfect for picnics. The laminated cotton doesn’t get wet or dirty on the grass since it is waterproof and the flannel cotton is nice to lay on and not feel sweaty or hot. If want to spend hours on end under a tree, reading a book, or watching the clouds go by, then I highly recommend making yourself one of these blankets.

Depending on the type of laminated cotton you buy, you may or may not be able to wash your blanket. Make sure you buy laminated cotton that can be machine washed. The higher quality laminated cotton will be machine washable as they use a better plastic to give the coating. I will definitely let you know if our blanket falls apart in the wash, but so far so good. It’s awesome!

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