Megan Nielsen Jarrah Sweater

One of my first sewing projects years ago was to make a rub-off pattern of a beloved Nau wool sweatshirt that was beyond mending. The sweatshirt was basic, as are most of the Nau designs, but with really interesting, asymmetrical details. My sweatshirt had a dropped shoulder, funnel neck, and high-low hem. I wanted my rub-off pattern to have a cropped hem to keep it simple. The sweatshirt I made from the rub off pattern was one of my favorites. However, the time has come to update the pattern. For whatever reason, the sweatshirt is not balanced on my shoulders. I am continually having to pull it down as it is always falling backward and chocking me. I abhor fidgeting with clothes. I don’t know if the sweatshirt was always unbalanced or if my posture has changed enough that it is now a problem. Either way, it has to be fixed.

Curiosity got the better of me again. I could have easily adjusted my rub-off pattern, but I broke down.  I wanted to see how my pattern compared to other similar patterns. The most apparent and most similar is Megan Nielsen’s Jarrah sweater. This post is about comparing my new and improved pattern to the Jarrah pattern.


Based on my measurements: 37″ bust, 33″ waist, and 42″ hips, I should sew a size 14 from the Jarrah pattern. However, as you will see, my rub-off pattern was closer to a size 16. For comparison then, I will use the size 16 Jarrah pattern.


I’m in love with all things Swafing. They have the BEST sweatshirt and french terry knits. I used their french terry fabric for this sweater instead of the sweatshirt knit. I’ve used the sweatshirt knit: here, here, here, and here. I purchased this incredible fabric here: Just search for Maike (french terry), Eike (sweatshirt), and Heike (rib knit).


Sizing was one of the most significant differences between the two patterns. The Jarrah sweater is in gray. Even though I should have selected a size 14,  based on my measurements, I was closer to a size 16 when I compared the Jarrah pattern to my rub-off pattern. My rub-off pattern is in red. Let’s walk through the differences.

  1. My front neckline is 1/2″ lower.
  2. I have a ¼” forward shoulder alteration.
  3. Sleeve length is 1 ¼” shorter.
  4. Torso is actually a size 10.
  1. Back shoulder is 2″ higher and I have a ¼” forward shoulder alteration.
  1. Reduce the sleeve width by 1 ¼” on either side.
  2. Lengthen the sleeve by 1″.


Dropped shoulders and a funnel neck are all things I love about a cozy sweater, and this one is no exception. I wore my last sweater for over 3 years, so I’m hoping to get as much love and wear out of my new sweater.

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