Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee

We finally have warm weather, and that means I’m living in my short-sleeve t-shirts. Unfortunately, all of my favorite t-shirts have changed shape and size all of a sudden. Even though I’m super aggressive when I prewash my fabric, the shirts didn’t take kindly to drying during one of my business trips this year. I normally hang clothes to dry since Utah is so dry. However, I put my shirts in the dryer when I was in Ohio since the humidity was so bad it made my clothes wetter. Since then, all my shirts shortened by 2-3 inches and gotten horrifically distorted. It’s awful. I’m still a bit upset about the whole thing since those shirts aren’t that old.

For months, I have been very uncomfortable in my shirts and beyond angry with the fit, so I’ve been looking for a loose-fitting pattern that wouldn’t frustrate the heck out of me. I’ve always loved the styling of Hey June’s Union St. Tee so I thought I would try that pattern.


My measurements are between L and XL, so I went with the larger size. Based on the pattern recommendations, I did NOT use the FBA option. I sewed up View D (crew neckband) with short sleeves. I spent days fussing over what alterations I should make for this pattern. I didn’t want the pattern to fit like my old t-shirts, which are more fitted. I kept my alterations to a minimum.


The actual pattern is in gray. My final alterations are outlined in red.

BACK (#1)
  1. Moved the outer shoulder seam towards the front by ½”
  2. Removed ½” from crook of the armhole

These two alterations are a must on any shirt pattern. I thought about making a ton more alterations, but decided to trust the pattern and see how the shirt fits.

FRONT (#2)
  1. Lowered entire shoulder seam by ¾”
  2. Moved outer shoulder seam towards the front by an additional ½”
  3. Removed 1″ from crook of the armhole

If you want to find out more about having too long of a front armhole, check out the Name that Drag Line series from Workroom Social. I always have to shorten the front shoulder since they are too long.


I can’t believe how perfectly fitting this t-shirt is for me. It has the right amount of ease without looking like a trash bag. One thing I debated about was making a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA), but because the difference between my high bust and bust measurement is only 1″, I didn’t think it was necessary. The pattern suggests doing a FBA only if there’s a 4+ inch difference between those two measurements.

One of the things I’ve learned is that having too much length in the armhole can look a lot like needing a FBA in knit shirts because you’ll get pooling of fabric above your bust right at the armhole. Trust your measurements and don’t do a FBA unless it is warranted. If you have fabric bunching, you may need to shorten the front shoulder like I did.

Time to go sew more shirts to replace the ones that no longer fit 😦

4 thoughts on “Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee

  1. I’m so happy you tried this pattern! I’ve seen the Union St. T out out there wondering what the pros and cons about it were! It sounds like you found a winner! I’m also so sorry about the loss of your very lovely T-shirts that I KNOW are not that old! But sewing for fit is the best way to sew! I am convinced! Wonderful job! ❤


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