Papercut Patterns Palisade Shorts

I’m finally getting back to sewing and blogging after a crazy few months. It’s now spring and I desperately need some warm weather pieces. I’ve never sewn a pattern from Papercut Patterns but I’ve seen a lot of other sewers make the Palisade shorts / pants and I wanted to give it a try.


Based on my measurements, I am really between sizes medium and large, and so I decided to go with the larger size. I cut out a size Large and then got straight to making my alterations.


I used leftover slub linen from JoAnn’s to make these shorts. Nothing fancy.


The actual pattern is in gray. My final alterations are outlined in red.

Front Pant (#1)
  1. Lower the waistband at center front by 2″
  2. Scoop out crotch curve
  3. Extend crotch length by ¼”
  4. Lengthen shorts by 2″

The waistband on these are intended to come up higher, and even after removing all that height, my waistband still hits me at my belly button. I do have a very short front torso, so it wasn’t a surprise I needed to lower the waistband.

One of the features I’ve noticed with these pants is the extra fabric in the front crotch. I don’t love the look, so I scooped out the crotch curve to remove this extra fabric. I also needed to extend the front crotch length, because it was cutting in pretty badly. Lengthening the shorts was just about preference.

I don’t want to post the actual photos on my blog just in case I upset someone, but if you go look at the photos for the palisade pants, you’ll notice the simultaneous extra fabric puffing out the sides along the front crotch and tightness up the center cutting into the model wearing the pants. Stylistically I don’t love how it looks and I didn’t want my shorts to look like that.

Back Pant (#3)
  1. Since I lowered the center front, I only needed to lower the side seam
  2. Scoop out crotch curve
  3. Shorten crotch length by 1 ¼”
  4. Lengthen shorts by 2″

I also don’t like the look of excessive wrinkles under the bum area and simultaneous wedgie, so my alterations were to try and change these on my pattern. Scooping out the back crotch curve was a must to eliminate the wedgie and shortening the back crotch length got rid of those wrinkles under the butt.

Pocket Bag A (#6)
  1. Lowered waistband to be consistent with the center front alteration.
Side Pant (#2)
  1. Lengthened side pant to be consistent with the rest of the alterations.


I know some people have been flummoxed with how to get a better fit in the crotch with these shorts/pants and hopefully, with this blog post, you can see one possibility. There are stylistic aspects to these shorts that I don’t care for, and I wanted to fix them with my alterations.

Melissa at Melly Sews has a great tutorial to show fit issues with some of these alterations:

Thankfully now I’m a little more prepared for summer.

1 thought on “Papercut Patterns Palisade Shorts”

  1. I took a peek at what you were talking about as a not so flattering a look…OMG! That is exactly the look I am trying to AVOID! You did an amazing job of getting the proper fit for your body, while maintaining your sense of decorum. Thank goodness!!!


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