Closet Core Patterns Ginger Skinny Jeans Pattern Muslin #1

It’s no fear jeans month, and I’m 1000% on board! Let’s do this. Over the weekend I watched Closet Core Patterns “Sew Your Dream Jeans” online workshop. It was just the boost I needed to kick off the no fear jeans month. In between watching the videos, I traced out my pattern pieces and got ready to make my first basted muslin.


I am going to take this journey super slow and make sure not to rush it. I want to enjoy the process and not feel like I have to sew something NOW NOW NOW! I ended up cutting out a straight size 14 of Version B. Here’s the size chart for the pattern.

My waist measures 33″, hips 43″, and inseam 35″. I was debating about going between a size 14 or 16 and normally I would’ve gone up a size to give myself wiggle room with the pattern, but cutting out the size 14 was absolutely the right decision.

For this first pair, I am using stretch denim from Joann. I did NOT prewash the fabric as I didn’t want to stress out about making this a wearable muslin. I put too much pressure on myself with muslins sometimes. I don’t want to be wasteful. This was a no pressure situation. I also only made this a basted muslin. What I did was just cut on the front and back pieces, the back yoke, one waistband, and pocket facings for the front to complete the pocket area. I sewed the pants together with a super long stitch so that I could unpick easily.


Starting at the waistline, the first thing I noticed is that I have a LOT of gapping in the back along the center back seam. The waistband doesn’t feel like it needs to go any tighter though.

The second thing I notice is warbling along the side seams. The pants feel like they are a little too high waisted all around.

The bottom of my finger is where my belly button begins. Even if you consider that the top ⅝” is going to be folded down when I finally make the pants, that’s still significantly above my belly button.


For the crotch area, the front doesn’t look too bad. If I make sure my pants are fully hiked up, the front crotch doesn’t have any odd draglines.

I did notice that there was a little bit of fabric I could pinch out along the back crotch area. I assume that excess fabric will pool up over time as I wear the jeans and they stretch out throughout the day.

Knee & Calf

The next issue is around the knee and calf. Holy cow. The fabric is twisting a bunch around the knee, and it is SUPER tight across the calf. So unsightly.


The last issue is the length. These basted muslin pants aren’t even hemmed in these photos. I am going to have to add several inches. Tall girl problems!

Amazingly, I find this pattern nearly perfect. The few problem areas are actually rather minimal in my book. Lengthening a pattern, well that’s just what I do! I’m tall. Minor things are needed for the waistband and crotch areas. Any pant pattern I’ve ever worked with requires some major alterations. I’m so relieved that this pattern is already so close to perfect.

I am just featuring my first muslin for this post. Next post, I will let you know what edits I make and go into detail about all of that. Right now, here are the pants in all their glory! Stay tuned for edits and my second muslin!

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  1. This was such an exciting post for me! I have the jeans pattern, online workshop AND Heather Lou’s ebook printed off. Yep I am serious about getting this done this year. Yours are gorgeous and the funny thing is that although this is a muslin for you, this is just what I fantasied about making for myself in good! I have some gorgeous, flowered stretch santeen just waiting but I won’t use it until I have my muslin done. I don’t know what to use for that – some stretch cotton would be best to get as close as possible to my final fabric. I’ve just been silly about putting it off but seeing yours has inspired me!

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    1. I’m sort of kicking myself that my muslin fabric IS so gorgeous! I just bought whatever felt and was similar to my final denim material. I so happy that I’ve inspired you to accomplish making jeans. I’ve really found this sewing community to be super motivating and helpful and I just want to pay back the community with my own sewing adventures. Best of luck with your jeans and I look forward to seeing your jeans journey!


  2. That fabric is beautiful – they look great. I started my ginger jeans toile last year but had to give up for various reasons. I’m now dragging them back out of my WIPs box for no fear jeans month! Your jeans look great and are filling me with confidence to get back onto making jeans again

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  3. Great eye for spotting fitting issues! Stretch fabric has that, double edge sword thing going on! Great to conform to your figure; how do you get it there? Practice and patience! You are off to an amazing start!

    By the way, if you are interested in free fabric and more, please check out my latest post. Awesome giveaway! Oh, and I am not connected at all. Just trying to share the wealth! Happy sewing!

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    1. It’s only going to get more detailed on this journey. I’ve got to nail down the fit before I go full bore on making my jeans. I also don’t want to over fit or obsess with the fit. I can say I really love the pattern and the bad fit issues are really a feature of the pattern actually. I understand why the pattern is so universal for most people.

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