Big Easy Pullover in Caron Simply Soft Super Duper Yellow

I choose Yarnspirations Big Easy Pullover because there is a crochet along associated with the pattern. You can find the pattern here:

The online crochet along has been posted on YouTube:

As far as fit goes, I’ve already made some edits to the pattern. I didn’t like the wider neckline, so I made it smaller.

The pullover is big and crocheting it wasn’t that difficult. Pretty easy actually. I have to say though I’m not in love with the baggy sleeves. That’s something I would like to fix in a future pattern.

The first time I made this sweater I made it in in size large. This yellow version I made size medium. The nice thing about making your own clothes is that you can size down, but still make the length long enough! I just wish the arms weren’t so baggy.

I’m slowly trying to figure out some realistic goals for sewing and crocheting in 2018. My main focus for crocheting is just working on more basics like sweaters and nailing down the fit. I’ve been extremely inspired by these crocheted sweaters, so much so that I’m already working on my own pattern based off of these designs:

So pretty!

2 thoughts on “Big Easy Pullover in Caron Simply Soft Super Duper Yellow”

  1. I have to say, crocheting a sweater seems to be an amazing goal! Yours is lovely no matter the changes you would like to make for future projects! Thank you for inspiring those of us — namely me — who aspire to do more than just scarves! I can dream, can’t I? And the color, well, I think it is gorgeous! Super, duper well done!!!


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