Burda Style Pattern 7381 Shorts

Last year, I just took Ryan's old work pants that were showing wear and had holes around places and shortened them into shorts for the summer. That worked brilliantly and was a great way to upcycle his clothes, but this last year Ryan's pant size has changed and I don't have any old work pants to shorten. If Ryan is to have any summer shorts, I need to sew shorts from scratch. Sewing patterns for men are pretty dismal and sparse especially when it comes to pants and shorts. Luckily, very luckily, I found a pattern that sews up really quick and looks great.

Waterfall Raglan by Chalk & Notch

When I saw Inês from La Folie in her Waterfall raglan shirt, I was immediately hooked! I've been keeping my eye out for a relaxed knit shirt that would work over leggings or stretchy pants and be totally age appropriate. The Waterfall raglan is utter perfection. Details Pattern: Waterfall Raglan by Chalk & Notch Fabric: Pop… Continue reading Waterfall Raglan by Chalk & Notch

Simplicity 8056 Amazing Fit Flared Pants

This post is not so much about the fantastically awesome, best-pant-pattern ever, but instead about the plights of finding fabric that will work for making pants. Here's the dilemma, I need casual pants for work and everyday wear and I want them to come in colors other than black, but I don't want the fabric to look ridiculous after an hour.