Mango Chutney

Since making this recipe back in April, I finally opened a jar for the first time this week in June. It was so fantastic and delicious. I’ve had mango chutneys that were super sweet. I’ve had mango chutneys that were super spicy and others too salty. This chutney was the perfect balance of sweet, sour, … More Mango Chutney

Rhubarb Crisp

As I sit here writing this post, I’m enjoying a slice of the rhubarb crisp. This is probably some of the best rhubarb I’ve ever eaten. I found my local supplier by typing “rhubarb” into the local newspaper classified ad section. As a technology junky, I never thought about local households posting their garden excesses … More Rhubarb Crisp

Ginger Cream Scones

Most morning I enjoy nothing more than toast and jam, but it’s nice to have a treat now and again. I love baking ginger cream scones, because the recipe is so easy and the scones just melt in your mouth. I suggest serving your scones with some fruit jam, clotted cream, or lemon curd, and you’ve … More Ginger Cream Scones

Hamburger Buns

If you post anything about bunnies, or bun-buns, on the internet, you’ll be an instant success. So in honor of Bunday today (as all Sundays are Bundays), I am posting a homemade buns recipe, no not THAT kind of bun, but hamburger buns. I’ve made so many types of yeasted dough at this point that … More Hamburger Buns